Increasing Investment Through Strategic Projects and Field Audits in Indonesia

Key Points: Increasing Investment Through Strategic Projects and Field Audits

1.Revision of Regulation PMK-130: Changes in this regulation open up new opportunities for investors.

2."Spin-Off" Scheme: Companies can easily expand their business through the National Strategic Project (NSP) or expand through the "spin-off" scheme.

3.Investment Value: The investment value calculated to qualify for Tax Holiday facilities includes both new investments and the value of investments from spin-offs.

4.Important Provisions: The selection of the investment value as a reference for the Tax Holiday concession period depends on the comparison between new investments and investments from 

5.Tax Holiday Concession Period: If new investments are greater than investments from spin-offs, the Tax Holiday concession period is based on the total investment value. Conversely, if new investments are smaller, the concession period follows the value of new investments.

6.Vital Transparency: Transparency in utilizing the Tax Holiday facilities is crucial.

7.Field Audit: PMK-130 introduces field audits to ensure compliance with investment plans and initial core business activities.

8.Decision Based on Audit: Decisions regarding the use of Tax Holiday facilities are based on audit results.

9.Expansion of Audit Applicability: Audits include the assessment of quantitative criteria for taxpayers outside the qualified pioneer industry.

10.Audit Timeliness: PMK-130 ensures that audits are completed within a maximum of 45 working days to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


Source: PWC

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