Ways to Implement the Good Warehouse Management System

The company that has warehouse or still rent a warehouse needs to apply the right warehouse management system. The right warehouse management system is needed to run a long-term business, because it connects with your company’s sales. If your company’s warehouse is not systemized properly, the company will get a lot of losses. The good warehouse management system is needed to create regular and neat supply chains, so you can check regularly.  Here 6 tips to improve your warehouse management system:

Create Accurate Data

The first tips to improve your warehouse management system is by creating accurate data. Company’s data consist of purchase data, stock, and sales. You have to know current and previous sale data and also your current sales target and future sale forecast. The accurate data is needed to decide future sale forecast and to create the best marketing strategy in the future.

Create Stock Forecast

The other way to improve your warehouse management system is by creating stock forecast. If the company have thousand items, it will be a challenge to manage it properly. It is not easy to create stock forecast because you have to check the supply chain flow. However, if you don’t create the good warehouse management system, you will have a risk to lose some items in small scale or even in a large scale.

Double Check

Double checking the supply chain’s flow is one of the ways that you can implement in order to improve your company’s performance. You can re check your stock before giving a code to your stock, where the company can check whether the stock or item is still existing or not. Do not forget to do double check, it will help company to find the damaged items, broken items and any other fault before moving it to warehouse.

For those items that have not met the qualification standard, you can collect it and place it to the special place.

Separating the Old and New Stocks

The other way to improve your warehouse management system is by separating the old and new stocks. When you mix the old and new stocks in one place whether intentionally or unintentionally will make your company confused in data checking and stocks.

Separating the stocks will make the counting stock process easier, it also can differentiate the stock that has been sold or not.

Stock Schedule

You can improve your warehouse management system by creating stock schedule. You can make purchase schedule to make it easier for companies to work on forecasts. Furthermore, the company can also schedule receipt and delivery.

Layout Settings

The other way to improve your company’s warehouse management system is by applying maximum layout settings. First, the company should know the character of the stocks, then the company can arrange the suitable warehouse layout for your warehouse whether your own a warehouse or rent a warehouse.

Those are six ways to improve your company’s warehouse management system. Beside those aspects above, the strategic location can also improve your company performance. One of the suitable location for manufacturing plant or warehouse is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). KNIC located in strategic location near capital city of Jakarta and has lot of access.

KNIC is the right place to rent a house or to buy a plant for industrial business

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