6 Best Strategies to Sell Industrial Land

Selling industrial land is not an easy task because it is use for commercial purposes. The Industrial land itself means the land that is located in an industrial estate and can only be used for industrial business purposes. The industrial estate was formed to accelerate industrial growth to fulfill the needs of domestic industrial goods as well as for exports.

industrial estates are regulated in separate laws in Indonesia. How to sell industrial land is different than selling commercial land, you need to create the right strategy to get a maximum result. Those strategies are:

Evaluating the Current Market

The first strategy to sell industrial land is to evaluate the market. To see the market price effectively, you need to understand the local market first. If you are not sure where to start, then, you can ask the property’s agent who sells a similar property like yours. You can ask them how they get a good price and which market is suitable for your property.

You must understand your property value. is it good enough for various purposes to attract buyers with a wider range?

Understand the Target Market

The next strategy to sell industrial land is to understand your target market. Buyers come in various shapes and sizes, and you should be clear who is the best buyer for your property. You have to ask yourself, whether you are targeting investors or want to grow your business?

This is important because you should know how to deal with various types of buyer.

Find the Right Time to Sell

Another strategy to sell industrial land is to determine the right time to sell your property. You should understand the time when many people buy home property, doesn’t mean it is the right time to sell your industrial land. One thing for sure, industrial property is different from residential property.

However, when home property prices are low, many people are brave enough to buy industrial land. When real estate prices fluctuate, it is very important for you to observe the market carefully to get the best result.


The next strategy to sell industrial land is to make the property’s improvements when needed. When you want to sell industrial land, make sure you repair your property as attractive as possible to attract more buyers.

Understand the Sales Process

The other strategy to sell industrial land is to make sure you understand the whole sales process. You should understand that there is more than a price list, there are negotiations and partnership etc. Therefore, you must understand all the sales processes to get the optimum result.

Effective Selling

An effective marketing plan is very important to get your property to the right target market. From a list of services to billboards and trade journals, consider how you will spread the word to the most appropriate people.

Those are six industrial selling strategies that you should implement to get the best results. If you are looking for industrial land with a strategic location you can choose Karawang New Industry City. Located in a strategic location and equipped with world-class infrastructure makes KNIC the right choice to build manufacturing and investment plants.

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