Manufacturing Sales

In the daily activity of Manufacturing Industry, all processes are carried out in factories that are integrated with each other to meet consumer needs. Well, how to understand and how do manufacturing sales work? Here are the reviews!

Definition of Manufacturing Sales Company

A company engaged in the manufacturing industry is a company that sells a variety of raw goods or raw materials and semi-finished materials. The purpose of manufacturing sales is to provide raw materials to be managed into a product in order to meet market demand.

The more market demand, the more the production process will be carried out by manufacturing companies. In general, companies produce products desired by the market. Hence, there are various factors involved in manufacturing sales processes, such as human resources, natural resources, and machine-shaped equipment.

Its function as a product seller and business activity makes manufacturing sales companies categorized as trading companies. For its own management, manufacturing sales are usually done at the factory so that it is more centralized.

Types of Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing sales industry also moves into various fields so that the company is divided into several types, namely, among others:

1. Basic industries and chemicals are engaged in basic industries that produce ceramics, porcelain, metals, and chemicals.

2. Clothing and textile companies produce a variety of materials to meet dress needs such as textiles and clothing that are used daily.

3. The oil and plastic industry is the provider of oil needs in the home industry and produces plastic to be processed again on demand.

4. This communication, transportation, and electronic company serve a variety of consumer requests for these fields.

5. The daily consumer goods industry is one of the most important because it serves the needs of consumers for goods consumed daily, such as drinks, food, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cigarettes.

Ways of Manufacturing Sales

Every manufacturing company has a different way of doing the sales process. At least there are 3 ways that are used in accordance with the product produced, namely:

1. Based on Stock

The way of selling based on the stock is actually a traditional way in which companies make products to be stored as stock, for instance, car and motorcycle companies.

2. By Order

While for this one system the product is made based on customer orders. In a sense, the product will not be made before the order arrives, for example, a household furniture company.

3. Based on Stock and Order

The method of selling is a combination of stock and order. The industry continues to produce new products on a regular basis to then be modified based on orders, such as electronic companies.

Unfortunately, engaged in manufacturing sales does not mean without risk. This is the reason why companies need to know the important factors in manufacturing sales. Some of these factors are productivity, quality control, design, and competitive capital.

Thus, there were a number of things related to sales and manufacturing companies. In Indonesia, one of the special and strategic locations for players in the manufacturing industry with the best variety of world-class facilities in it is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

KNIC itself is located in West Java with a concept as a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible in this place. It not only aims to support the performance of a manufacturing company, but KNIC is also present to support the acceleration of regional economic growth.

Not only that, this region is present to trigger the emergence of Multiplier Effects that are useful for socio-economic developments in Karawang and other areas in the West Java region.

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