West Java Industrial Area Extends to New Territories

The West Java industrial estate is currently the target for investors who want to build a manufacturing company or factory in Indonesia. Starting from Cikarang, Karawang to Bekasi has an integrated industrial estate. However, it turns out that the construction is still not evenly distributed.

Chairman of the Indonesian Regional Association (HKI) Sanny Iskandar said up until now the West Java industrial estate had only been developed in the north-west part of the West Java, such as Bekasi and Karawang. Right now, the area is getting saturated so that further development leads to the east.

“So not only north-west of west java part that works, but also the eastern part includes Purwakarta, Subang, Majalengka, Indramayu, and Cirebon. Some areas will be built there later, "he said, recently.

Aside from being equalization, Sanny said the government wanted the flow of goods not to focus only on Tanjung Priok, but also in Patimban Port, Subang. At present Patimban Port is still under construction and is targeted to start operating in March 2019. Currently all goods entering or exiting through the Tanjung Priok port. The hope after Patimban Port is ready will accelerate and improve the quality of production.

Not only the port, the government also built Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, which also under construction, and the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road which connects Cipali to Cirebon as infrastructure support for the development of the industrial estate in the north-eastern part of West Java.

Right now, there are already five to six developers starting land acquisition and are expected to continue to grow. According to Sanny, the industry will begin to shift to the north east of West Java in 2020. Currently there are 10 industrial estates there with a wide variation of 200 hectares to 2,000 hectares. In Bekasi and Karawang there are now 22 industrial zones.

Sanny added that the development of 10 new industrial zones in north-east part of West Java in the will be achieved in 2020 with a record of supporting global economic conditions. "As there is now a trade war, this could be an opportunity for Indonesia because there is regulation to limit Chinese product in the united states,” he said.

Meanwhile, the industrial estate is also one of the supporters of the implementation of industry 4.0 the government program. Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto said the government would increase the 5G internet network in the industrial area.

The Ministry of Industry will coordinate with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to discuss regulations and collaborate with PT Telkom as an internet service provider for technical planning. According to Airlangga, the map of the installation area is currently being designed in order to implement the 5G internet network in the industrial estate.

"Industry 4.0 requires data rates of up to 5G. If the data is slow, when you want to see the process at the factory and the one who appears on the monitor there will be a time lag, a time that is not suitable, "he said

Airlangga said that entering the digital era today, the industry must be balanced with the quality of the fast internet network. The installation of the 5G Internet network is related to the implementation of the road map Making Indonesia 4.0.

With the inclusion of the 5G technology in the West Java industrial area, it is hoped that it will attract investors while improving the quality of production in the industrial area. then, on the Making Indonesia 4.0 road map, there are five development sectors in the manufacturing industry that will become examples, namely the food and beverage industry, textiles and clothing, automotive, chemicals, and electronics.

The automotive industry in the West Java region is already quite well known as there are many large automotive companies from Japan, Korea and China. With the expansion of the West Java industrial area to the east side, it is expected that there will also be an increase in the industry both in the automotive industry and others.

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