Sistem Otomasi Gudang yang Mampu Mempercepat Pemenuhan Order Bisnis Anda

The current high level of demand for consumer needs makes the competition more intense between actors in various industries, making every company obliged to innovate. The reason is, if the company does not make adjustments to the high demand, it is certain that the business will have a lag.

One of the best way to meet consumer demand is to implement an Automation in Warehousing system. This automation system is carried out in a warehouse to increase the speed and accuracy of the process of taking goods.

If this system is implemented, the production process related to fulfilling, taking and shipping goods will be more optimal so it is not impossible that the process of shipping goods to consumers can be done in one night.

In addition to accelerating order fulfillment in business, there are various benefits for implementing Automation in Warehousing system. What is that? Check out the review below!

Increased Productivity in Various Lines

When a production system has been run automatically, this will have an impact on increasing productivity in various lines. This is due to the efficiency of the process being carried out.

Specifically, the application of automation is able to increase the average take up to 800% and part of the existing workforce can be converted to other, more value-added parts such as packaging, shipping, or product quality checks.

Optimization of Product Taking Accuracy

By optimizing the system of taking goods that implements automated software devices, this will directly have an impact on the accuracy of product collection. This situation can be seen from the high level of accuracy that reaches 99% of the fulfillment of orders.

Effectiveness of Use of Production Spaces

One of the impacts obtained from the application of automation in the production chain is the effectiveness of the use of production space. The reason is, some machines will be moved from the production room so as to reduce the space requirements around 65% to 85%.

The remaining space can be used to add and store other important equipment. The room can also be used as another production activity area.

Implementation of Better Work Conditions

Some companies often g et complaints from employees with a non-conducive working environment. The presence of an automated system in the warehouse will be the solution to this problem.

For example, a system of picking up goods that are usually carried out by employees every day can be optimized by using automatic carrousel which is designed to take goods and help employees pick up items that are not affordable.

Thus, there are several things related to the benefits of the automation system in the warehouse so that it can accelerate the fulfillment of orders in business processes. In Indonesia, one of the special and strategic locations for conducting business with an automated system is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

KNIC itself is located in West Java with a concept as a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible in this place. It does not only aim to support the performance of a manufacturing company, but KNIC is also present to support the acceleration of regional economic growth.

Not only that, a variety of the best world-class facilities are presented to support the company's performance so that the existing business is expected to be able to trigger the emergence of Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and other regions in the West Java region.

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