OEE improvement

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) technology is a global standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Furthermore, OEE can find out the effectiveness of the use and use of equipment, machinery and manage time in an operating system on the production floor. OEE can be a powerful metric to help companies improve engine performance and manufacturing assets.

By using OEE measurements, producers will get information related to how to improve manufacturing processes systematically. OEE technology can also help companies identify losses, improve manufacturing equipment productivity, and measure company progress. Here are some tips that you can do to increase OEE:

Prioritize your Manufacturing Assets

If you want to create an OEE standard in your manufacturing company, it's a good idea to focus on your tools assessment that really matters to your business. The tools that mentioned above is an important asset which if a problem occurs can cause chaos in your supply chain and will slow down your company's production process.

Understand Each of Your OEE Components

One of the ways to increase company productivity is to understand each of your OEE components. Some OEE components such as the availability of labor, performance, and the quality produced from the equipment. You should know company equipment’s effectivity so if you need to do maintenance the production process will not be chaotic.

You should check all aspects of the production process of your manufacturing company. For example, when your machines cannot produce the expected quality, find out if the problem really exists on your machine or a problem occurs in another aspect such as in warehousing, procurement, acceptance or handling of the vendor.

Focus on Your Metrics

Using OEE measurements can be varied for every manufacturing company or for every machine. OEE measurement depends on the value or metric that you want to give to your customers. For example, some companies choose product quality as the most important metric and engine performance is not as important as product quality and vice versa.

Connect OEE with the Manufacturing ERP System

The other way to use OEE to increase the production of manufacturing companies is to connect OEE with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. If you still check the condition of each asset manually, you will take more time and the risk of errors also increases.

Using an ERP Manufacturing system can help you to improve the performance of your manufacturing equipment and machinery. The ERP system can also help companies plan and predict procurement, inspection, and tracking of assets, asset usage history reports, and perform automatic maintenance on the system.

The Manufacturing ERP system also helps companies to improve efficiency in the entire production process, starting from the management of raw materials, and finished goods, to the process of sending orders to consumers.

Take Advantage of the Internet of Things

The other way to use OEE to increase the production of manufacturing companies by using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Today, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is increasing, many companies use IoT technology because it is proven to help producers get data directly or real-time about the condition of company assets such as equipment and machinery manufacturing companies.

IoT technology allows you to know the condition of the machinery and equipment of your manufacturing company right away, whenever you need. This will certainly make the equipment checking process easier.

Well, those are five tips for maximizing the productivity and OEE of your manufacturing company. One of the aspects that also can increase the productivity of your manufacturing company is by choosing a strategic area for manufacturing companies. One of the strategic location to build a warehouse or manufacturing company is Karawang New Industry City.

Located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has 6 infrastructure accesses ranging from Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java toll road, Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jakarta-Bandung Highway train, Kertajati international airport, and Patimban port make KNIC a suitable location to build Industrial warehouses.

Furthermore, Karawang New Industry City sells factory land in an industrial estate. In addition, KNIC also offers a place to rent warehouses.

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