The Largest Industrial Area in Southeast Asia

Cikarang is one of the Regency which located around 34 km close from of Jakarta City. This regency is located in the Eastern Industrial Corridor and also widely known as the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia.

For the development of national industries, Cikarang is able to produce export values that are more or less the same as industrial estates in Batam. This is evident from the contribution of 34.46 percent of national foreign investment and the ability of its exports to be at 22 to 45 percent of the national export volume.

In 2008, the industry in Cikarang was able to generate revenues of USD 35 billion, of which 70 percent was for the export market. This capability is due to the presence of 2,125 factory units from 25 countries in the world in the its’ industrial area.

The Benefits of the existence of the Cikarang Industry

The existence of the industrial area surrounding Cikarang will have a positive impact on the surrounding environment specifically and for the country in general. Some of these benefits are as follows:

1. The Wide Employment Opening

In fact, when an industrial area is built in one place, it will affect the opening of jobs for the surrounding community as well. It is because the various types of industries need labor to operate the production process of products made in factories.

2. The Emergence of A variety of New Business Opportunities

As the industrial estate grows, new business opportunities are wide open. Whether it is related to the production process or not directly related to the industry. Some of the business opportunities including banking services, trade services, housing, and food and beverage.

3. The Increasing Export Activities

One of the attractions of the Cikarang industry is its’ largest region in Southeast Asia. This also indicates that various products from factories or warehouses in this area are goods that are ready to meet export needs. By increasing in export activities, it will have an impact on the country's high income.

4. The Increasing Regional Revenues

Not only affecting the income of the country, the existence of this industrial estate will also help increasing regional original income along with its development. This income comes from industrial taxes and various businesses that surround them. The existence of workers will also help this with the income tax on workers.

5. Accelerating Economic Growth

The next is with the centralized industrial estate in Cikarang, the process of accelerating economic growth will be faster. It is not only in the Cikarang area but also in other areas around West Java will feel the positive impact of the existence of this area.

Due to the rapid development of Eastern Industrial Corridor, the available Industrial land in Cikarang Regency is currently limited. But no worries, since we have another area in this region that can be considered for warehouses and factories, which located 30 minutes apart from Cikarang. This area called Karawang New Industry City (KNIC) and has a strategic location near 2 airports and the capital city.

This situation also makes KNIC the right area to build a business of manufacturing and warehouse companies. Every company needs a warehouse that can efficiently store goods and be close to the infrastructure that supports it and these things are only found in KNIC.

Not to mention the concept promoted by KNIC is basically a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible here.

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