The need for data centers in Indonesia has increased. In this pandemic period, there are more and more data center needs, especially with the increasing use of online-based applications ranging from meetings, learning, to shopping. With so many digital applications that utilize cloud services, Indonesia has the potential to become a large-scale cloud service market in the world. Data centers in Indonesia are getting more attention. The government is currently in the political process to immediately make rules on data protection in Indonesia.

World-class companies are also enlivening the data center market in Indonesia. There are several large companies that have looked at Indonesia and seen Indonesia as a potential market. Several domestic companies are also developing their data center industry in Indonesia. Some of them are:

1. Telkom

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) inaugurated the neuCentrIX (Neutral Cloud & Internet Exchange) data center. This data center is Telkom's 18th data center in Indonesia. The presence of neuCentriIX to realize the mission of accelerating the development of smart digital infrastructure and platforms that are sustainable, economical, and accessible to the entire community. The neuCentrIX data center is also used to orchestrate the digital ecosystem to provide customers with the best digital experience. Not only that, but Telkom is also building a data center with the largest capacity in Indonesia in the Cikarang area.

2. Google

Google officially operated its first data center in Indonesia in June 2020. This data center is used for Google Cloud purposes and is equipped with data security and privacy features as well as artificial intelligence technology. Google Cloud is a cloud computing service platform whose infrastructure is also used by Google for its internal products.

3. Amazon

Amazon brings its cloud-based service, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Indonesia. Currently, Amazon is building its data center infrastructure in West Java. Amazon's investment value is around IDR 30-40 trillion to support the cloud computing business. Amazon's data center will not only serve the Indonesian region, but also several other countries in Southeast Asia. Amazon Web Service (AWS) Indonesia Country Leader Gunawan Susanto confirmed that AWS will open its first data center in Indonesia at the end of 2021.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba Cloud plans to establish a third data center or data center in Indonesia in early 2021. The presence of the 3rd Alibaba Cloud data center will offer several capabilities, ranging from the database, computing, network, and data analytics. With the existence of this 3rd data center, Alibaba has increased the value of its investment in Indonesia by 28 billion USD or around 403.6 trillion rupiahs. Currently, Alibaba Cloud has collaborated with several companies in Indonesia, including Adira Finance, Astra Financial, Indonet, Amar Bank, and Tokopedia.

5. Tencent

Tencent through its subsidiary Tencent cloud officially announced the launch of its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in Indonesia. Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, Poshu Yeung, said that Indonesia is a country with the potential for a large and fast-growing cloud technology market share. The data center built in Indonesia will be used for cloud solutions as well as meeting business needs in Indonesia and the Asian region. IDC Tencent Cloud is located in the central business district of Jakarta and has been operating to complement the backbone and network access of all major internet service providers in Indonesia and globally.

6. DCI Indonesia

PT DCI Indonesia Tbk. (DCII) announced the construction of a second location for the DCI Hyper-scale data center campus in the Karawang area. With this new data center, DCI is able to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers in the midst of accelerating digitization by providing a hyper-scale data center campus with a capacity of more than 1000 Megawatts. DCI Indonesia is also innovating by starting to operate its data center using renewable energy.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft officially announced that it will build its first data center in Indonesia. Microsoft's data center development plan is Microsoft's most significant investment step for 26 years in Indonesia. This data center in Indonesia will be part of Microsoft's global cloud infrastructure, namely Microsoft Azure. The availability of a Microsoft data center in Indonesia allows customers in Indonesia to have faster access to Microsoft Azure services and can store their data in Indonesia.

With so many big data center players entering Indonesia, Indonesia is a prospective place to do business, especially for digital-based businesses. The data center can be the main gate in protecting data from all kinds of threats, both natural disasters or other disasters that have the potential to befall the company.

Karawang New Industry City is located in West Karawang with access to the West Karawang toll exit 2 km 47 and is only 10 minutes from the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train Karawang station is a strategic location with world-class facilities and infrastructure will be a great location for Data Centers in Indonesia.

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