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The industrial estate is an area or specific area given by the central or regional government for industrial activities. An industrial estate, in general, are parts of the city or regional plan, accompanied by complete facilities to support the performance of industrial activities. Some of these facilities include road access, electricity, telecommunications, waste disposal systems, waste, and other facilities.

The decision to establish an industrial estate was formed in the framework of government efforts to accelerate and encourage the development of industrial estates, meet domestic and foreign needs. Furthermore, the opening of industrial estates can invite foreign investors to move their factories from their country to Indonesia. Here is complete information about the West Java industrial estate:

The Characteristic of Industrial Estate

Like other areas, the industrial estate has its own characters such as:

  • There is a large area or area intended for industrial estates

  • Industrial estates are equipped with facilities to support company performance
  • There is management that manages the company
  • Has an industrial estate business permit
  • Filled by the manufacturing industry

Industrial Estate Facilities

The industrial estate is generally equipped with facilities to support the performance of industrial companies, starting from special electricity supply from PLN, telecommunications, road access to industrial estates, clean water, clean water treatment plants, waterways, industrial waste treatment plants, shipping service offices, security posts, places of worship and so on.

Terms of Industrial Estate

The selection process to make one area turn into industrial estate has various considerations and requirements. Industrial estate has special requirements to get approval. Several special requirements for making an area into an industrial estate such as:

  • Industrial estate minimum distance to residential settlements at least 2 KM

  • Industrial estates must have adequate electricity and telecommunications network services
  • Close to or easily accessible by the seaport
  • The topography or slope of the soil is a maximum of 0-15 degrees
  • Has a maximum distance with a river approximately 5 KM
  • Land allotment: non-agricultural, non-residential, and non-conservation
  • Availability of land (at least 25 hectares)

Development of West Java Industrial Estates

The West Java industrial estate continues to grow and is quite a concern for the national economy. Nearly 60 percent of the processing industries in Indonesia are located in West Java, so the national economy influenced by the performance of the West Java industry. Industry, especially the processing industry, is able to create the largest number of new job opportunity after agricultural technology.

There are several types of industries in West Java's industrial zones ranging from the plane industry, light arms industry, steel industry, electronics industry, paper industry, cement industry, textile industry, food, and beverage industry to the automotive industry scattered in the West Java industrial area. West Java industries supported by qualified facilities to support the performance of manufacturing companies.

One of the West Java industrial estate that has world-class facilities is Karawang New Industry City. Karawang New Industry City or KNIC has world-class facilities ranging from premium electricity provided and guaranteed by PLN, fast internet access, clean water treatment, sewage treatment, training center for HR, integrated business services to integrated shipping services.

In addition, KNIC is located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has 6 infrastructure access starting from Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java toll road, Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jakarta-Bandung express train, Kertajati international airport, and Patimban port making KNIC suitable location to build Industrial warehouses and manufacturing company.

Furthermore, Karawang New Industry City sells factory land that is suitable for automotive company. In addition, KNIC also offers warehouse renting.

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