Millennial Property Investment

Millennial entrepreneurs are currently active in making property investments. This is due to the tantalizing benefits offered by the property. Unfortunately, it is not a few millennials are confused to start this. Hence, how do you invest in property for millennial entrepreneurs? Here are 6 tips to watch out for!

Refusing Nonsense Offer

For the first tips, things that must be considered are not easily tempted by unreasonable offers. For instance, there are often investment offers with little capital but fortunately given many times.

At glance, the offers did seem tempting. In fact, it could be this offer is only one trick for committing fraud. Therefore, it must be well understood to obtained the reasonable benefits.

Checking the Administrator's Legality and Reputation

In addition to offers that often do not make sense, the legality and reputation of investment management companies are also questionable. It is important to check everything related to the legality before deciding to invest in a property company.

This will greatly help millennial entrepreneurs to minimize potential losses if they are trapped in an improper company.

Scrutinizing the Offer Concept

Basically, every property investment manager has different concepts and ways of doing business. This situation makes millennial entrepreneurs must be observant in checking and understanding the concept of investment offered.

Some questions that can be asked include the amount of capital to be spent, the amount of profit that can be offered, and the return period of capital.

Knowing the Source of Information

Another tip is to find out the information source that provides information on the property investment company. Do not easily trust in a property investment product if you do not recognize the person who provided the information.

Why? It is because of not a few fake companies circulating in the community. Hence, there is nothing wrong if you ask for recommendations from your trusted family or closest relatives before deciding which investment company to use. In this way, the risk of being trapped in property investment can be minimized.

Pay Attention to The Neighborhood

When the things mentioned above have been settled, then turn to the environment around the targeted property. This one factor will greatly affect the price of the property purchased. Some of the marking indicators are the existence of schools, universities, markets, and access to public transportation.

Knowing the Amount of Property Tax

In addition, the amount of property tax that must be paid every time is also noteworthy. This is caused by differences in the amount of tax for each region is different. However, if an area does have more value, it would be okay to buy a property.

In Indonesia, one of the areas for property investment in the industry with a variety of factories and warehouses and high technology is in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC), West Java. There are various reasons why KNIC is the right choice for the manufacturing industry.

Some of them are strategic locations near the toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, train stations, airports, and ports. This strategic location also facilitates the delivery of goods everywhere. KNIC itself is basically a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is evident in this place.

It is not only that to support the performance of manufacturing companies, but KNIC is also present to help accelerate regional economic growth and present a Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and surrounding areas.

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