Popular Types of Investment in Indonesia

Have you started preparing funds for investing? Of course, after struggling to save some money, now is the time for your funds to be invested. Investment is very necessary if you really want financial freedom for your long-term finance. The earlier you invest, the better results you will get in the long run.

However, some investments do have their own risks and challenges. There are several things that you have to consider if you want to invest. One of them is a reference so that your investment can be successful.

Here is a list of investments that are popular in Indonesia

Time Deposit

This type of deposit is a bank deposit with a higher interest rate than ordinary savings. Time deposits have a clear due date. If you want to withdraw the deposit before the predetermined maturity date, then of course, there will be a penalty given.

However, if your deposit has entered its due date, then you have the right to withdraw funds without any penalty to be paid. The longer or the bigger you deposit your money, the more interest you will get from deposits. Time deposits are often considered as a form of investment that has a low risk and is fairly safe. In addition, to make deposits is also fairly easy and simple, so many novice investors start their investments with deposits.

Gold and Precious Metal Investment

This type of investment may be said to be one of the classic types of Indonesian investment. This investment was popular among the people of Asia from ancient times to the present.

Gold will usually experience a price increase in response to certain events. The price of gold can also fluctuate in the short term, but its value is maintained in the long run. Seeing this, of course, gold can be one investment that is worth considering.

However, you must be prepared to provide a safe place to store any gold or precious metal that you have purchased. Ensure your gold safety, so you don't feel anxious while you are sleeping.


This type of investment can be said to be the most famous type of investment. Stock investment is usually in the form of ownership of a company.

If you have a stock in a company, then you have the right to get a share of the profits. Stock investments tend to offer high returns compared to other types of investment. However, stocks will be high risk, high return. This type of investment is high risk to run, stock prices can rise and fall very dramatically in a fast period.

Investment in ordinary shares is also categorized into two types, namely; dividend shares and growth stocks. Growth stocks are shares in a fast-growing company. However, growth stock will not pay the company's income to investors. Companies prefer to use their income to grow their business, so the only way to make a profit is to sell your shares.

Meanwhile, stock dividends are just the opposite. The company will pay the shareholders from the company's revenue. The more dividend shares you have, the greater the portion of dividends you will get.


Property values generally continue to increase from year to year. This often makes the property a popular long-term investment. But keep in mind that the loss of investing in property is also very striking.

In addition, property purchased will require good maintenance to be able to have a high selling value for the next few years. Therefore, you must make sure which property you will make as an investment.

One of the best property industry investment is industrial estate. Karawang New Industry City is the perfect place if you want to invest your money in property industry. Those are some Indonesian investments that are popular in Indonesia. Hopefully, you can use the review above as your reference.

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