New Shopping Experience Through Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel retailing is a fully unified transaction or trading approach that give buyers an integrated experience in online and offline channels. The actual omnichannel shopping experience extends from physical locations to cellular, e-commerce markets, on-site storefronts, social media, retargeting, and everything in between for customer. In short, it combines all the shopping experience into one integrated platforms.

Omnichannel retailing is not only about the real-time products on several channels or giving consumers the option to shop in many places, it is beyond that. There are several things that the company must consider if the company wants to run omnichannel retailing. Most of them are mobility, marketing, merchandising, meeting market needs, and the market itself. Furthermore, The company needs to consider many things if they want to become a strong omnichannel retailer. To find out more about Omnichannel retailing, see the full information below:


There are several definitions of Omnichannel retailing such as retail with online stores, smooth and effortless high-quality consumer experiences that occur on multiple channels, and the ability to provide a consistent experience in online and offline channels through multiple devices.

The definition that is easy to understand of Omnichannel retailing involves allowing consumers to come to the store to view a product and do transactions on their mobile devices, sending goods to the stores, picking up goods in stores, then sent it to their homes, having a return process at the store, and allowing exchanges at retail locations physical. In short; ability to sell online and offline.

How to Achieve the Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Omnichannel as a philosophy is about providing a reliable, unique, and contextual brand experience in several channels such as retail, market place, mobility, and social media. Omni means the consumer can access to company products and services at any time, any platforms, and every media or device (anytime, anywhere, and any devices).

Modern Omnichannel shoppers are always connected via internet on their computer or mobile phone in the palm of their hands. These shoppers know well about their choices, find the best deals, and expect to receive products from each purchase at the time and place of their choice.

The journey of this modern shopper across various marketing channels including physical, online, cellular, and social media store. Shopper behavior brings several new factors that influence sales and consumer decisions. This results in a shift from a series of actions in one channel to a series of actions on several channels.

Omnichannel Retailing Shopping Experience Illustration

The following illustration will illustrate how the Omnichannel approach is a new trend in consumer behavior, and what key success factors the company needs to know.

  1. Consumers see jeans in product advertisements while traveling from home to work either through advertisements at the store outlets or when they are playing mobile phones then open an application or web online shop. For several companies, they must have thought that the use of social media is a key communication channel to introduce products to market segments.
  2. At home, consumers explore their favorite jeans and buy them online. The search function that continues to be refined is very important for consumers.
  3. Consumers look for nearby stores and make sure that consumers will take their jeans. Visibility of inventory on all channels is an enabler.
  4. As soon as the consumer arrives, the retail store clerk recognizes the consumer and gives jeans to the Consumer. Personalized in-store service is an essential service for consumers.
  5. Consumers see shirts that consumers like, scan the QR code, and consumers decide to search products according to the choices and sizes that consumers want. Consumers who take products in the store make a purchase.
  6. The store does not have the size of a consumer shirt, so retailers offer to deliver it to consumer package lockers. Flexible product delivery options are very important. Delivery companies such as the Post Office play an important role in delivery services.
  7. Later, consumers receive e-mails or notifications via SMS stating that the shipment has been made. Fast delivery is the key.
  8. Awesome! Goods that have been purchased have arrived and usually consumers want to directly review and upload items that have been purchased to social media so that other customers also know about the condition of the item. Happy consumers also will make great publications by spreading their impressive experiences to their colleagues in various media.

Those are the definition and illustration of Omnichannel retailing. The progress and convergence of the internet with smartphones allows consumers to interact with all the company's marketing channels. At the same time, consumers can also spread information horizontally on social media. This makes the business model change.

Stakeholder needs to adopt and develop marketing channels for the Omnichannel model that enable customers to access companies from various marketing channels.

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