One of the industries that continues to grow is the food and beverage industry, known as F & B. The development of the food and beverage industry continues to fluctuate, up and down. Getting into the food and beverage business is not an easy task, because the producer of food and beverage should consider several aspects changes such as technology, politics, economy, and socio-culture to survive in the market.

However, despite having a big challenge the food and beverage industry is one of the leading industries capable of contributing to the local and national economy. The growth of the food and beverage industry sector based on data from the Ministry of Industry in the first quarter of 2018 reaching 12.70 percent and contributing to 35, 9 percent of the gross domestic product of non-oil and gas industry.

One of the area or region that has many food industries is the Karawang of West Java. This area is not filled with food industry only, it has various industries. However, we only focus on the food plant. Several food plants that are located in Karawang such as:

Sonton Food Indonesia

The first food plant that located in Karawang is PT Sonton Food Indonesia. PT Sonton Food Indonesia offers jam from a famous Japanese brand. Sonton Food creates a quality jam with a variety of flavors and variants. In addition, the company will also produce various spreads such as custard, coating, and spreads with various flavors.

The company claims the jam that they produce will remain stable in its original form even though it has been roasted and frozen. The company will use raw materials from local products ranging from local fruit, sugar, chocolate to corn flakes.

Meiji Food Indonesia

The second food plant in Karawang is Meiji Food Indonesia. This company is a snack company in Japan. Several of the Meiji snack products are Hello Panda biscuits and Lucky snacks which are available in several flavors such as chocolate, strawberries, milk cream to the taste of cookies.


The next food plant in Karawang is Nestle company. The Nestle company is a multinational company from Switzerland. This company is engaged in food and beverage products. Several Nestle products that are available in Indonesia ranging from milk, coffee, chocolate, cereals to baby cereals.

Nestle's products are already well-known in Indonesia ranging from milk products to cereals for adults and baby.

Well, those are 3 food plants in Karawang. To be able to improve the performance of food plant, food plant needs to open its factories in industrial estate. One of the West Java industrial estates that has world-class facilities is Karawang New Industry City.

Karawang New Industry City or KNIC has world-class facilities ranging from premium electricity provided and guaranteed by PLN, fast internet access, clean water treatment, sewage treatment, training center for HR, integrated business services to integrated shipping services.

Next, KNIC is located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has 6 infrastructure access starting from Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java toll road, Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jakarta-Bandung express train, Kertajati international airport, and Patimban port making KNIC suitable location to build Industrial warehouses and food plant.

Furthermore, Karawang New Industry City sells factory land that is suitable for food plant. In addition, KNIC also offers warehouse renting.

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카라왕은 글로벌 기업과 협력하여 경제성장의 새로운 허브가 될 것입니다

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