Disruptive Technologies

In today’s world, technology has experienced significant developments that affect various industries. This is also known as disruptive technologies where several industries use technology to streamline the business. There are various fields that utilize disruptive technologies to get more profits. What is that? See 7 of the following!

Field of Education

It is undeniable that developments in the field of education are influenced by technological developments. The field of education is becoming more personal with the technology in it, one of which is the application of Artificial Intelligence. One can get personal and more interesting learning with this technology.

Field of Health

The sophistication of existing mobile devices makes almost everything integrated. Everyone has the opportunity to access everything in the world of health with the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, people had to go to the hospital to get a diagnosis from a doctor, but today it is enough to be done via smartphones.

Data Security

Even though the technology has been fairly sophisticated, this does not mean that the situation is unhindered. Data security and privacy are the main threats in the digital era. This is what causes the data security business to be something that is able to bring benefits when run.

Customer Service

Who would have thought that customer service was also able to reap more income when run. It is because there are many people who interact visually and contextually at this time so that conversations are more flexible. This can also be used by all industries that have customer service. The use of this technology will help businesses adjust to market demand.

Financial Services

Other Disruptive Technologies that have undergone many changes are financial services. There are various applications of technology such as Chatbot to serve customers, Machine Learning to prevent fraud, and Blockchain to move money. These various financial services are often referred to as Financial Technology (FinTech).

Insurance Company

Learning from various industries, various insurance companies have also applied technology to their business through mobile devices. Insurance companies are currently partnering with FinTech companies to get more customers and improve service to old customers.

Manufacturing Industry

Finally, the shift in technology that took a lot of attention because of its huge profits, namely the manufacturing industry. The various product lines that were used by humans have now been replaced by the application of technology. This aims to streamline production so that the existing workforce can move to business development process.

In Indonesia, one of the industrial areas that have experienced disruptive technologies and applies the latest technology in its system is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC), West Java. This area is also the right location for property investment in the industry with a variety of factories and warehouses with high technology.

There are various reasons why KNIC is the right choice for manufacturing industry. Some of them are strategic locations near the toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, train stations, airports, and ports. This strategic location also facilitates the delivery of goods everywhere.

KNIC itself is basically a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is evident in this place. In addition, to support the performance of manufacturing companies, KNIC is also present to help accelerate regional economic growth and present a Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and surrounding areas.

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카라왕은 글로벌 기업과 협력하여 경제성장의 새로운 허브가 될 것입니다

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정부 카라왕을 산업 중심지로 조성예정

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