4 Alasan Mengapa Para Produsen Harus Gencar Dalam Merangkul Mobilitas Manufaktur di Indonesia

In digital era, more and more mobile phone companies offer smartphones with attractive features and affordable prices. Most employees have smartphones and some of the employees have used applications to increase their productivity.

Furthermore, mobile technology has started to be used by various sectors ranging from the health industry, transportation, entertainment to the manufacturing industry.

With the increasing number of employees using smartphones and using internet technology, many developers create applications that can facilitate employee work and improve their performance. In addition, there are several manufacturing applications that will facilitate the work of employees. Here are several advantages of manufacturing mobility that producers should know, such as:

1. Portable

One of the advantages of manufacturing mobility technology is that this technology is easy to carry to various places or portable. By using the right mobile application, you do not need to come back to the office just to receive information, check the list or fulfill orders. You can solve all the works above by using technology in your hand. Furthermore, manufacturing mobility will make it easier for you to renew orders.

Mobile data will also make it easier for your work to see job status, access customer order data, check maintenance schedules, provide input on company schemes and procedures. The mobile application will also make managers more active because they can see data in the field directly.

2. Real-Time Problems, Real-Time Solutions

The benefit of using manufacturing mobility is to be able to solve problems faster. Companies usually predict problems by looking at existing trends or similar problems in the previous year to be able to see the core of the problem. The mobile application will tell the problem in real-time and the solution can also be done in real time.

3. Health and Safety

Mobile manufacturing also offers better health and safety for operators who want to check orders and manage inventory. The mobile application will give a warning if the machine starts to overheat or can give a warning when the employee is in an unhealthy condition to operate the machine.

4. Precision Monitoring

One of the benefits of using manufacturing mobility technology is precise monitoring. You will know the location of your fleet during the shipping process. GPS location in real time will notify you where fleet locations are wasting time and inefficient shipping management. Furthermore, direct information updates allow team leaders to be able to check order status anytime and anywhere.

Well, those are 4 food logistics tips that you can implement in your company. If you want to improve supply chain process, you should look for strategic industrial location because it is close to transportation routes.

One of the industrial areas that have a strategic location is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). Located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has plenty of transportation access, make KNIC a suitable area for warehouse building and renting.

In addition, KNIC has 6 national infrastructure access such as the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java lines, Jakarta-Bandung Railway, Kertajati International Airport, and Patimban port. KNIC is also supported by facilities such as premium electricity, natural gas, and fast internet connections to support the performance of manufacturing companies.

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카라왕은 글로벌 기업과 협력하여 경제성장의 새로운 허브가 될 것입니다

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