karawang is the largest industrial city

Karawang is one of the cities in West Java, Indonesia. The city located close to Bekasi, Bogor, and not far from Jakarta. Karawang  is a large city with an area of approximately 1,737.30 km. Karawang Regency is known as the City of Industry.

But  what exactly is the area and number of factories located in the Karawang industrial estate? From the data compiled by the West Java Facts at the Karawang Disnakertrans, until 2018 there were 13,756,358 hectares of land plotted as industrial land.

The Karawang industrial area is divided into several industrial zones such Karawang New Industry City (KNIC), Kawasan Industri Mitra (KIM), Karawang International Industry City (KIIC), Kawasan Industry Surya Cipta, and Artha Graha Hill. Karawang industrial estate included in the spatial planning, which is focused on many sub-districts including Teluk jambe Timur, Cikampek, Klari, Purwasari, Pangkalan, Rengasdengklok Districts.

Then what about the number of companies or factories in Karawang Regency? Based on data compiled from the Karawang Disnakertrans, it was explained that as of 2018, the number of factories operating in this district was 1,762 factories. The details are 787 private factories, 269 PMDN, 638 PMA, and 58 factories.

Before becoming industrial zones, Karawang region is well known as one of national rice production bases. Actually, until now, Karawang is still known to be largest rice producer in Indonesia. Due to massive infrastructure development in the area, and strategic location of Karawang, which is between Jakarta and Bandung, 2 major cities in Indonesia, Karawang region emerge as center for Industry area. Currenty, together with Bekasi and Cikarang area, Karawang become the hub for industry  in Indonesia.

Because of the major development in the area, Karawang population income or UMR right now is higher than Jakarta. Hence,it  gave multiplier effect for economic growth in Karawang.

Next, the population of Karawang is currently dominated by factory employee. Many multinational companies establish their business in Karawang. Many Japan companies already established in Karawang, investing in several industries such as automotive, IT, electronics, and other industrial enterprises. This what makes Karawang currently stand as the largest industrial city in Indonesia.

Karawang Industry is a promising industry because it is supported by good facilities and infrastructures. Its location adjacent to the capital and good access such as toll roads, trains and ports and facilities such as schools, hospitals and apartments make the Karawang industrial estate suitable for industrial use.

One of the best location for industrial estate is Karawang New Industrial City (KNIC). Located in strategic location and has many transportation routes makes this industrial zone is perfect place for building manufacturing company.

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