What is Good Manufacturing Practice in Indonesia

Good Manufacturing Practice is a concept that is often overlooked in various industrial worlds. Even though the presence of this is able to provide a significant impact for a company and industry.

Well, what is the meaning of Good Manufacturing Practice and how to implement it? The following are important reviews to watch out for!

Definition of Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP is a management concept in the form of procedures and work methods to produce products. All products produced must meet existing standards with a low level of difference.

GMP practice itself can be applied in various industrial fields, including manufacturing. Unfortunately, in the manufacturing industry, it is not easy to implement GMP because there are various factors and indicators that must be considered so that this concept can run optimally.

Good Manufacturing Practice Indicator

1. Build Commitment Between Stakeholders

The basic thing that must be considered before starting to implement GMP is to build commitment among all company stakeholders, ranging from owners, leaders, to employees. It is because the success of a process requires cooperation between all elements of the company's human resources.

2. Form a Solid Team

After the commitment is built between all elements of human resources in the company, the next step is forming a solid team. One of the things that must be considered in forming a team is the person in charge who has the capacity and capability to lead the team.

3. Determine the GMP Reference Standard

It is not only forming a solid team, but every company also needs to determine effective and appropriate reference standards. Each company clearly has different reference standards. In general, this reference standard is related to several things such as production, design, facilities, guarantees, and product storage space.

4. Apply Indicators

In addition to determining GMP reference standards, companies in various fields also need to implement effective indicators. This is to reduce fatal errors that can occur. Furthermore, an evaluation of the performance of the implementation of GMP is also important to do so that no errors arise.

5. Build Individual Awareness

Lastly, an important factor to consider is building individual awareness at the manager level, supervisor, employees and other staff so that everyone is committed to GMP. This is due to the importance of maintaining consistency in a system that has been implemented so that it can continue.

Hence, there are some information that needs to be known about Good Manufacturing Practice. In Indonesia, one of the strategic locations to run a manufacturing business with the GMP concept is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

It is because the area located in West Java carries many advantages including integrated world-class technology and systems so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly in this place. The development of industrial technology trends in this region continues to be implemented so that there is no lag for existing companies.

The presence of KNIC aims not only to support the performance of a manufacturing company but also to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a multiplier effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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