Manufacturing Technology Industry Trend In Indonesia

Technological developments have affected all sectors of life, including in the manufacturing industry. This situation also has a good effect hence more manufacturing companies begin to invest their time and energy to keep up with existing developments. Well, what is the 2019 manufacturing technology trend in Indonesia? Check out the following review!

Application of Cyber ​​Security

When a manufacturing company applies digital technology to all production sectors, then the threat that will entail it is data security. It is because various things related to job communication to self-identity are digitally available and can be used by anyone, including irresponsible parties.

Therefore, the company must protect this by implementing Cyber ​​Security to protect various data. Every company is also good if it recruits a team to maintain security from the information technologist's side.

The Efficiency with Augmented Reality

The high number of young workers with excellent technological capabilities makes manufacturing companies in this year need to change the way they work. In today’s world, there is a technology called Augmented Reality (AI).

This technology will facilitate and streamline many jobs in all product lines to achieve maximum results. Data from MarketWatch states that the development of AI grew by 75 percent from 2017 to 2024.

Utilization of Scanning 3d

The trend of the manufacturing technology industry in 2019 is the use of 3D scanning. This one manufacturing application is able to do 3D scanning with a number such as Reverse Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Virtual Parts Warehouses, and Quality Inspections.

The use of 3D Scanning will continue to develop as the company's need to transform physical things into something virtual that makes it easier for companies to achieve maximum profits.

The Existence of An Invasion of Mobile Robots

The two biggest manufacturing companies in the world today, Amazon and Alibaba have used transfer robots that are able to work alone. This situation is also used by other companies, especially producers and warehouses to facilitate their work.

The occurrence of an invasion of mobile robots continues to increase over time. The reason is it can make work efficiency and low job risk that can be triggers for the presence of mobile robots in the manufacturing industry.

Use of Internet of Things (Iot)

On top of that, another trend that is moving along with the development of technology and internet speed is getting better, namely the use of the Internet of Things. This technology is supported by the presence of 5G services that offer speed in downloading and reducing data access delays.

IoT itself allows a variety of production lines to be interconnected with the operating system presented in between two graphics configured to the control panel and mobile devices. This also makes manufacturing company activities more effective.

Thus, there is some information that needs to be known about the technological trends in the manufacturing industry this year. In Indonesia, one of the strategic locations and always keep abreast of technological trends, namely in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). This area located in West Java carries many advantages including world-class integrated technology and systems so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible in this place.

It does not only aim to support the performance of a manufacturing company, but KNIC is also present to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and present a Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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