The port has facilitated trade between various regions of the world for several centuries. One of the first intercontinental trade routes was established through a shipping route. Even now, these ports are busy handling many large shipments, bulk cargo, etc.

This has led to an increase in demand for industrial estates near the port area. Buying commercial land near the port can result in a faster return on investment for smart investors. There are several advantages by opening a business branch near the port. Let's look at some of them:

Reduced Transportation Costs

One of the advantages of opening an industrial estate in an area near the port is reduced transportation costs. If a business or company deals with the shipment of goods that have arrived via the ship, the closer to the port, the less distance the item must travel.

When a distribution warehouse or distribution center is near the port, it reduces distance and thus lowers the cost of transportation of goods. The labor costs associated with this transportation are also reduced, so it is very beneficial for the company.

Saving time

Another advantage of opening industrial estates near the port is saving shipping time. When a factory or warehouse is located near the shipping port, the company will save more time   by reducing transportation period. Even though land near the port can be valued higher, companies can utilize 100% commercial loans that can help the company.

Save Cost

Other advantages of opening an industrial area near the port is cost-effective. Initially, the price of setting up a business near the port would be at the higher end, but over time, the savings the company made for transportation costs, all the labor costs and time saved would also increase to give companies higher returns on investment than which the company expects.

Having a centralized distribution warehouse around the port has helped many businesses grow into great success in the past. Take advantage of the port location for the benefit of the company, and provide the business or leap company early by setting up an office right next to the activity point.

Access to Better Facilities

Next, other advantages of opening an industrial estate in an area near the port is getting access to better facilities. Because ports are usually managed by the government in most countries, facilities in and around the port area have the best quality. Companies can get free access to these facilities, such as shortcuts to national highways, close train stations, etc., and use them to build businesses.

This is one reason why direct commercial lenders are more flexible when it comes to buying or renting land or buildings located near the port.

Easy Access to Labor

The other advantages of opening industrial estates in areas near the port is the ease of access to high quality labor. The backbone of every ongoing business lies in the work done by workers.

Then, with access to the best workers, the company will definitely succeed. In this world of extreme competition, it is very important for every company or business to invest in an industrial area near the port in the city and get its benefits today.

Those are several benefits of opening an industrial area near the port.  One of the industrial estates in West Java is Karawang New Industry City.

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