5 Jenis Perusahaan yang Bisa Anda Temukan di Indonesia

The company is a legal entity that carries out transactions and businesses with the aim of seeking profit. The methods adopted also vary, ranging from producing certain products, processing raw materials, and offering services.

In Indonesia, there are various types of companies engaged in various fields. Well, what are the types of companies in Indonesia? Find out 5 of them below!

Service Company

One type of company that is widely common in Indonesia is a service company. This industry makes a profit by offering services to customers. As a result, merchandise sold by service companies is not a product but a skill.

Some examples of services that are often offered are photography, makeup, online motorcycle taxi, consultants, and many more. All of these skills do not produce products but expertise that is enjoyed by customers.

Agriculture Company

Indonesia as a country with the majority of its population working as farmers, planters, and fishermen which inevitably makes a company engaged in the agrarian sector. This aims to connect producers with customers.

This company is referred to as an agrarian company where its capabilities over time continue to grow. Other businesses developed by this type of company move from the field of fish ponds to horticulture. Thus, you do not have to be surprised when other countries, for instance, New Zealand, have used the latest technology to support agrarian companies.

Trading Company

Not only that, other companies that are popular in Indonesia are trading companies. This type of business is a business by selling products without changing the product form that was previously obtained from the supplier.

These products are sold to customers for profit. The more products that are obtained from suppliers, the cheaper the costs must be incurred so that this affects the profits of a company.

Extractive Company

The definition of extractive companies is companies that take natural resources directly and sell them to customers, both in the group and personal. In other words, this type of company is not a resource producer but only markets raw materials for processing.

Extractive companies themselves are directly related to the government so that all regulations related to this company are classified as rather strict. Some examples of companies in this industry are agriculture, logging, and mining.

Manufacturing Company

In the end, a company that is also quite large in Indonesia is a manufacturing company. The manufacturing company itself is an industry that manages the function of raw goods or raw materials into a product needed by the customer.

The examples of manufacturing companies in Indonesia are engaged in food and beverage, textile, communication, and transportation. In short, the existence of manufacturing companies meets the basic needs of society.

That is all some information needed to be known about the types of companies in Indonesia. One of the strategic locations for establishing a company in Indonesia is in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC) which is also actively following the development of technological trends.

This area located in West Java carries many advantages including world-class integrated technology and systems so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible in this place.

On the other side, it is not only to support the performance of a manufacturing company but KNIC also presents to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a multiplier effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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