4 Types Sea Freight Transportation Ships

With the development of technology, some people tend to choose the delivery services through air cargo because it is faster, simple and save more time. However, this service has its weakness because if the company want to deliver the stock in large quantities, shipping through air cost a lot of money. Air cargo service has a weakness because it can’t accommodate large quantities of items.

If the company wants to send stocks in a large quantity, it’s better to send it with sea freight transportation. This delivery service enables the company to send stock in a large quantity and the shipping cost is cheaper than air cargo service. There are several sea freight ships that are commonly used to deliver stocks via sea transportation lines as follow:

Bulk Carrier Ship

The first ship that commonly used for sea freight transport is a bulk carrier ship. This is the most used ship for sea freight transport in the world. This ship functions to carry or deliver raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grains, minerals, and some other raw materials.

Bulk Carrier Ship is different from common cargo ship because this ship can only carry or deliver one cargo type. The bulk carrier ship is one of single-decker type and cannot carry container.

General Cargo Ship

The second ship that commonly used for sea freight transport is a general cargo ship. This ship was first produced massively during World War 2. This ship can accommodate various types of cargo, ranging from cargo bags/sacks, bulk cargo, and containers. General cargo ship can accommodate capacities ranging from 5,000 dwt to 25,000 dwt.

The general cargo ship has two decks which people used to call twin decker. Twin decker has several advantages from a single deck. People used to call this ship as a multifunction ship because it can load or accommodate various types of cargo.

Container Ship

The third ship that is used for sea freight transport is a container ship. This ship can accommodate containers with a certain number from one place to another. The container itself is a box that contains various materials.

Tanker Ship

Finally, the last ship that commonly used for sea freight transport. This ship is designed to carry or accommodate oil and other materials. Tanker ship has high-quality safety system and designed to fulfill the crew safety standards because the material that they carry is quite dangerous.

Tanker ship is divided according to the material that it can carry. There is a tanker ship that delivers or send oil either in the form of crude oil or the processed one. Furthermore, there are tanker ships that function to carry chemical materials called chemical tankers. Some of the common materials are methanol and caustic soda.

Those are 4 ships that commonly used for sea freight transportation. It is better for a manufacturing company to build a factory or plants in an industrial estate near the port. This can help the company to reduce the transportation cost.

One of the industrial estates which provides good infrastructure and access is Karawang New Industry City. Located in the west java industry center, KNIC has access near the Tanjung Priok port and Patimban port. KNIC is suitable for a manufacturing company.

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