Innovative Construction Materials Can Revolutionize Industry in Indon

Construction Innovation Ideas are a helpful concept that is always awaited in the Indonesian construction industry. It is because this idea will facilitate the work process and bring its own benefits to this field to the actors and users.

There are a number of ideas that are currently being researched, developed, and distributed throughout the world to help advance the industry. What is that? Check the list below:

Room Cooler Bricks

It is no secret that bricks are the main component of building an existing building. In today's world, we have only seen bricks only as the basic material of construction, in Spain, precisely at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Hydroceramics is currently being developed.

Hydroceramics consists of clay and hydrogels or planting media that can replace water and soil. As a result, bricks can have a cooling effect on the inside of a building. Indonesia as a tropical country will also need this innovative finding urgently.

Bricks from Cigarette Filter

Speaking of bricks, one more interesting finding that can revolutionize the industrial world in Indonesia, which is bricks from cigarette filter. Due to the high number of active smokers around the world, there is no harm in using cigarette filter as a brick base.

This innovation itself was developed at RMIT University, Australia which processes bricks with cigarette filter to produce a new brick that is lighter, more efficient, and requires less energy in the manufacturing process.

Visible Wood

In Indonesia, one of the most widely used construction materials is wood. Most of every building from home need wood in the manufacturing process. Research from Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden is currently developing wood that can be transparent.

The development process is based on the extraction process of lignin or polymer materials which do not form together with cell and plant cell walls. Lignin itself functions to form wood. This translucent wood is clearly more durable than glass.

Luminous Cement

While at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico, it was recently surprised with the discovery of cement which has the ability to absorb and emit light. This construction material will look beautiful at night.

This is in line with the campaign to save energy resources that occurred in Indonesia. The result, it is possible that a house does not require too many lights in it to provide lighting when night falls.

It is not only that, this innovation that was born from the mixing of river sand, industrial waste, silica, water, and alkali can also be used as a floor of parking lots or road safety signs.

Mars Concrete

Although this innovation still needs time to be developed, researchers from Northwestern University, the United States have found that materials on Planet Mars can be used to make concrete structures. It is because the material has a high level of strength.

Thermoplastic Cable

Finally, other innovations that can change the future of the manufacturing industry called thermoplastic cables. This type of cable was found by Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory in Japan. This innovation is also named the Cabkoma Strand Rod, which reaches 160 meters in length and weighs only 12 kg.

When it compares to metal bars, these thermoplastic cables are much lighter. Some of the advantages include light seismic reinforcement and high tensile strength.

Well, these are some innovative construction materials that if entered in Indonesia would revolutionize the existing industry. One of the industries in Indonesia that stays updated with world-class technology is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

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