Cara Melakukan Perencanaan Proses Produksi Manufaktur di Indonesia

The exact planning demands of the manufacturing production process increase along with the high demand of consumers. The world of manufacturing continues to grow along with technology development, it demands a faster and more effective production planning process. In addition, manufacturing technology requires the right resources and management to meet customer demand in a shorter period of time.

However, it turns out that not all companies understand the right production process planning. Commonly, some companies only focus on how to produce goods faster without considering the coordination between workers and other components in manufacturing companies.

In order to make the production process runs smoothly, there are several stages of manufacturing production process plan that must be done, such as:

Establishing Production Capacity and Priorities

If the company wants to run the manufacturing production process plan smoothly, the company must be able to set capacity and production priority policies. Companies should know how many products they can produce in a day or in a month. If the company accepts orders beyond its capacity, the company needs to find a solution.

Furthermore, the company must prepare a backup if the manufacturing machines used for the production process are damaged or there are operators who are sick. The company should consider all possibilities that can affect the production process.

Correct Routing

If you want to implement the right manufacturing production process plan, you need to do routing. Routing consists of production lines and procedures in the production process. Furthermore, a series of production starts from the raw materials entry, equipment, the usage of the production machine, to become finished goods.

Making the right route will certainly affect production time. If you don't plan the routing correctly, the manufacturing process will be interrupted.

Updating Production Equipment

Another factor that increases the manufacturing production processes plan is by updating production equipment. Using traditional devices that are not connected to the system will certainly be difficult to use in terms of predicting production.

Therefore, companies should be brave enough to invest in new production equipment. Devices that are more sophisticated and connected to the system will facilitate the production process and will save more time and cost.

Regular Maintenance of Production Tools

If you want to implement the manufacturing production process plan correctly you should do regular maintenance. Maintenance has many benefits for the company such as checking the state of the engine and preventing upcoming damage to the engine.

In addition, it is better to prevent the engine from upcoming damage than to repair damaged machines, because the cost of repairing a damaged machine is higher than preventing a damaged machine. If the engine is damaged, the company not only has to pay the repair cost, but the company's production process can also be disrupted.

Well, those are the best ways to plan a manufacturing production process. If you want to run a manufacturing company, you have to look for an industrial area that has complete facilities and has a strategic location because it is close to transportation routes.

One industrial area that has a strategic location is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). Located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has a lot of access to make KNIC a suitable area for building and renting warehouses.

In addition, KNIC has 6 access to national infrastructure such as Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java line, Jakarta-Bandung Railway, Kertajati International Airport, and Patimban port. In addition, KNIC is also supported by facilities such as premium electricity, natural gas, and fast internet connections to support the performance of manufacturing companies.

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