5G will drive artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and change the world forever. The term AI, robots, virtual reality, augmented reality no longer sounds strange to our ears, what about 5G? Yes, 5G is one of technology that will definitely and radically change the world, yet there are not many people talk about this term.

According to MIT Technology Review, 5G is a "technological paradigm shift, similar to the shift from typewriter to computer." Meanwhile, Gordon Moore predicts that processing speed will double every 18 months at a lower price. 5G will be the biggest jump in processing speed since computing began, and 5G is expected to be 20 times faster than 4G.

The impact is not just a faster process, 5G is a completely different technology, utilizing new radio frequencies and shorter wavelengths, providing a level of connectivity the world has never seen before.

Here are the businesses that will take benefit from 5G technology


One of the benefits of 5G technology is the use of 3D. The business implications for 3D are enormous. Soon business meetings will be held in 3D, allowing more meaningful models, the use of CAD images and more alive presentations.

The use of holographs is intended to make illustrations that prove how a product can work. 3D will become a new world.

Enhanced Video

Another benefit of 5G technology is the use of enhanced video. Enables companies to have high resolution video access with low latency. Although it has major implications in everything (video games to marketing), the biggest impact will be on recruitment.

Companies can use videos to recruit talent, enhanced videos will enable companies to expand their reach to recruit and promote faster processes.

Smarter Homes and Cities

Next, other benefits of 5G technology is the technology of smart homes and cities. 5G will bring IoT into home and business devices such as better security, lighting and audio, and lower operating costs. Companies that use this will develop rapidly.

Connectivity for Customers

Other benefits of 5G technology is connectivity for customers technology. According to The International Journal of ICT Economy, Governance and Society, 5G will provide connectivity to 90 percent of the world's total population by 2027. Companies that offer payment systems, health and business services to this 'third world' will have access to new markets and customer.

Autonomous Vehicle

Next, the other 5G technology benefit is autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are highlighted as unreliable after experiencing accidents in the past. For highways that support millions of autonomous vehicles will need a more reliable network.

5G will allow autonomous vehicles to be able to detect danger better, communicate with other vehicles, interact with smart signs and follow more precise maps. There is a direct and linear relationship between the installation of 5G and the adoption of the autonomous car market.

Commercial applications of autonomous vehicles will be substantial, cut labor and reduce delivery times in the supply chain.

Industrial estates also become one of the supporters of the implementation of industry 4.0 which is a government program. Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto said the government would increase the 5G internet network in industrial estates. The government said it would open a new West Java industrial estate that was equipped with 5G technology.

With the inclusion of 5G technology in the West Java industrial estate, it is expected to attract investors while increasing the quality of production in the industrial area. Meanwhile, on the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap, there are five development sectors of the manufacturing industry that will be piloted, namely the food and beverage industry, textiles and clothing, automotive, chemical and electronic industries.

The use of 5G technology will support increased production and quality in the West Java industrial estate. Because West Java's industrial area is one of the largest industrial estates in Indonesia, it means that the utilization of 5G technology will also have an impact on the productivity of national production.

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