The development of information technology currently brings rapid changes in all industries, including manufacturing and services. The benefits included controlling the planning process and internal control during the production process.

There are various information technologies that are used by producers for activities in this field. What is that? Check it out 7 of the following:

Supplier Risk Value Card

The existence of this risk assessment card will help manufacturing companies in assessing and rating supply based on their respective performance. This card will also reduce risk and improve the quality of production when dealing with hundreds or even thousands of other suppliers.

Since this tool is automated using software, the risk of supply chain errors will actually decrease.

Online Based Supplier Portal

The development of information technology opens up more effective and efficient communication channels such as e-mail services. Not only that, the entire database will facilitate work if an online-based supplier portal is available and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

This application will help various fields of a production chain, for example, management of equipment, processes, and operational standards.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) has been widely used by companies to expand their ability to supply, monitor, and control process variability from even remote locations.

If suppliers and partners have joined and been trained in using SPC, the company can experience improved product quality and increase profits.

Examination Management

If in the past, the process of checking financial accounting or inventory was done manually, then the application of technology to audit management will have an efficient and effective impact. This step is also useful to help digitalize and automate parts of the inspection process.

Document Management

The use of technology in this section is actually a small step that can be done by any company. The reason is, when a company still relies on paper to deal with the documents used, it will have an impact on the budget swelling that have to be spent every time.

Meanwhile, if the document is made in the digital form, it will save the existing budget and avoid it from any risk of loss that can be caused by various things, such as fire or natural disasters.

Information Technologies Used by Producers to Manage Supplier Quality
Supplier Module

Various companies have recorded everything related to results, processes, and challenges in the production process using digital supplier modules. The use of technology in this supplier module will automate the entire process as part of the supply chain.

Non-Management Suppliers

In the production process, it is common for a company to use a logistics service provider. This is referred to a non-management supplier. When these companies and logistics service providers apply technology in their respective business fields, it will facilitate coordination and monitoring and reporting when errors occur.

This information technology can be found in a warehouse or production plant. One of the industrial areas that has the most sophisticated management system in Indonesia is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

In general, KNIC is present as a world-class integrated industrial city by providing a world-class infrastructure. The location itself is quite strategic because it is close to 2 airports and the capital city of Indonesia. This also makes this area strategic and suitable for building businesses both manufacturing and warehouse companies.

Besides aiming to support the performance of a manufacturing company, KNIC also presents to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a multiplier effect that is useful for socio-economic developments in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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