5 Tips for Choosing the Right Warehouse Logistics

Owning a warehouse is a popular plan when a company is engaged in the manufacturing industry, moreover, for those who need a warehouse as a place to put, manage and distribute products. Unfortunately, own a warehouse requires a budget which is expensive.

This makes companies prefer to rent warehouses instead of making. How to choose the right logistics warehouse and according to the company's needs? Check out 5 tips below!

Knowing the Type of Product to Be Stored

First thing to know before a company starts to find a warehouse is to find out the type of product to be stored. It is because not all warehouses are suitable for all goods or products. To give you an example, a warehouse to save food is different from a warehouse to secure goods.

The company should also know the volume and characteristics of the product to be stored whether in the form of the number of tons or cubic and whether the product requires a special temperature or not.

Getting to Know the Human Resources Involved

When a company stores its products in a warehouse, it requires a professional human resources so that the products will not get damaged or problems. This situation also requires a warehousing management system that is tested for better management.

Understanding the Care and Duration of Storage of Products

The other way in the warehouse selection process is to consider the time period of products in the warehouse. The reason is these products do not only need to be maintained but also need to be cared for products to remain of high quality.

Moreover, this is related to the costs that must be incurred. The longer the item stays in the warehouse, the greater the budget will be spent.

Comparing Existing Warehouse Prices

To get a quality warehouse at the best price, a company should do a further research. This research is done by comparing the prices offered by one warehouse with another warehouse.

The price is usually determined by the size of the warehouse, water, electricity, telephone, security, or special facilities needed.

Choosing the Best Location

The more important thing is choosing the best location. If the company has set the warehouse specifications needed, the next step is to pay attention to the geographical conditions around the warehouse, such as access road and land height.

This is needed to avoid the warehouse from being flooded, not to mention the road access that can be traversed by large trucks go in and out. The location of the warehouse should also be strategic, where it is better to be located near the port, airport, and toll road for an effective distribution process.

Those are a few tips that can be done in the process of selecting a warehouse for business purposes. Finding a warehouse is not as easy as finding a house because there are many things that must be considered.

One of an industrial area that can be considered for choosing a warehouse is in the West Java industrial area which is precisely located in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). It is because the KNIC itself is established in a strategic location near 2 airports and it is not far from the capital city making this area just right for building a business of manufacturing and warehouse companies.

What is the reason? Every company needs a warehouse that can efficiently store products and be close to the infrastructure that supports it and these things are only found in KNIC. The concept promoted by KNIC is basically a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure can be seen here.

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