3PL logistics manufacturing industry

In Indonesia, the development of the manufacturing industry is rapidly changing. The logistics process or the delivery of goods from producers to consumers also increases quickly. The things that relate to how and when a product move makes it as important as the product itself.

In a highly competitive manufacturing industry, a variety of small things can differentiate one product from another. For instance, if company A offers delivery within two days, while company B offers products that are comparable to paid shipping services, then we choose the one with more benefits.

The other business arises from the manufacturing industry is 3PL (Third Party Logistics) or logistics service providers. It is rising as the company currently busy producing products to meet consumer needs, so they need the third-party logistics to deal with some matters related to the storage, maintenance, and distribution of products.

As a result, the existence of third-party logistics is the right step to help companies focus on producing and developing their products. On top of that, there are still other reasons why the manufacturing industry needs logistics service providers.

What are the reasons? Check out 5 of them below:

Being More Focus on Business

As explained, by using 3PL services, a company can focus more on developing a business. It will better if you have to deal with building and warehouse management which can actually make operational costs increase.

Implementing of the Latest Technology

One of the things that could be an advantage of the third-party logistics existence is the application of new technology to warehouses for storing and managing goods. Technology development is something that cannot be negotiated by third-party logistics. As a result, a company that utilizes these services will get more benefits and efficiency.

The Increasing Certification Costs

To run and manage a warehouse, for example, complex work is needed. Therefore, standard procedures are also needed which can only be obtained through training and certification of workers and companies.

Unfortunately, these two things require a bigger budget and takes a long time so the warehouse can operate properly and safely.

The Availability of The Experts

In addition to the latest technology and certification, 3PL providers also have experts in their fields. This staff is not only professional but also experienced so the company can use them to consult logistical issues they are having at the moment.

The Flexibility of Space

The presence of third-party logistics in manufacturing is very helpful for a company in various conditions including the rainy season. It is because of some products require more space as a warehouse when the rainy season arrives. This space flexibility can be utilized by the company.

Above are 5 important things from the existence of a third-party logistics for the manufacturing industry that can be utilized. One industrial area located in a strategic area is Karawang New Industry City. KNIC is located in a strategic location close to 2 airports and close to the capital city, which makes this area suitable for building business manufacturing and warehouse companies.

As a reason, every company needs a warehouse that can efficiently store goods and located close to the infrastructure that supports it. These things are only provided in KNIC. The concept offered by KNIC is basically a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure can be seen in this area.

Other than to support the performance of a manufacturing company, KNIC is also ready to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and the surrounding areas.

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