5 Latest Trends in Food and Beverage Business

The food and beverage industry are a good business area for those who want to start a business. Evidenced by many actors in this field and the number continues to grow. To win the competition, business people need to know the trends, there are good things that happen.

This also makes it easier for a company to develop its business to achieve maximum results. Well, what are the trends in the food and beverage business that will come up? Here are 5 lists below!

1. Instagrammable Food and Drinks

It is well-known that social media is indeed an important role in the development of various industries. What decision to eat and drink is largely determined by social media, especially Instagram.

This also makes restaurant and cafe owners make improvements by trying to make food and beverage products they can appear Instagrammable. The reason is, consumers not only buy taste and quality, but also the appearance of food and drink.

2. Order Process with Tablet Menu

Another prediction that starts now is a unique and fast consumer experience. Consumers not only come to restaurants to eat but also to experience a pleasant meal.

Technological developments also produced self-service services in the form of a digital tablet menu. This way, consumers can choose their own menu, make an order, and request a bill.

3. The Usage of the Cashier Application

Especially for bills, a cash register system called POS system is now available to accelerate customer's payment process. This also began to be commonly used by various restaurants in Indonesia. Although there are still a number of things that need to be improved because the POS system still relies on cashier machines that are vulnerable to problems, this system is considered capable of changing the manual payment process.

It is because the POS system is a cloud-based system, hence each restaurant can manage its payments using a gadget. Every transaction can run smoothly. Not to mention, important customer information such as credit card data can also be stored safely.

4. The Healthier Food and Beverages Menu

The food business trends that are clearly visible currently are healthier food menus. In addition to the Instagramable menu, consumers are also looking for foods with low calories and low sugar drinks.

Not only that, the increasing trend of diet and healthy life make consumers look for menus that are free of sugar, paleo diet, and vegan so that restaurants also provide choices with the concept of Build Your Own Menu (BYOM).

5. E-Commerce and Marketplace Services

The food and beverage industry are the same as the retail industry in which both have transformed into digital. Increased consumer demand through mobile ordering makes many food and beverage businesses finally run online stores.

In addition, to increase the convenience of customers, many business people also make their own applications, so they can order their own menus and get various updates directly.

That is all the information that needs to be known about the trends in food and beverage business trends that will occur this year and the years ahead. Even though the trend is always changing, these industry players must have a good storage warehouse. In Indonesia, one of the strategic locations with various types of warehouses are actively following the development of business trends, namely in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

This area located in West Java carries many advantages including world-class integrated technology and systems so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly visible in this place. It does not only aim to support the performance of a manufacturing company, but KNIC is also present to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and present a Multiplier Effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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