The Usage of 3D Printing Machines

Every year the development of Technology Trends Manufacturing continues to increase. When a company does not implement this technology, there will be a high chance for them to be lagged behind the competitors. Therefore, it would be better to implement manufacturing trends existed.

However, the company has to go through careful consideration so there will be no mistake. Hence, what is the Manufacturing Technology Trends that will take place in 2019? Check out 5 of the following trends!

Mobile ERP Application

The high demand for the supply of goods and services this year inevitably requires companies to accelerate their work rhythm to meet those needs. One of the factory technology trends that can be applied to overcome this is the usage of Mobile Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) applications in all manufacturing plant locations.

This technology is in line with the growth of high-speed cellular networks. Mobile ERP itself is a technology that provides greater data accuracy, is able to optimize operational efficiency, and reduces production delays.

As a result, the company will be easier to access sales reports, find out the inventory of raw materials and final goods, manage the schedule of asset maintenance, and track the delivery of goods to customers.

 The Usage of 3D Printing Machines

The process of making a prototype for a product often costs a lot of the company's budget. This is caused by a process of trial and error that is carried out to get the product according to the concept.

The technology that is presented to provide convenience in the process of making a prototype is a 3D Printing machine. This technology is considered effective in making Rapid Prototyping and helps the efficiency of the budget of a company's research and development department.

The presence of a 3D Printing machine makes the company no longer have to use hands or printing equipment that requires long processing time. This machine can produce product prototypes with a faster time and less cost.

The Utilization of Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning

Most of all fields today have applied Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning technologies to help human work in producing products that are far more useful. In 2019, these two technologies are also present in the manufacturing industry.

The involvement of Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning in plant operations such as managing data volumes, producing data that is easier to read, and providing solutions to increase company responsiveness.

In other words, the usage of this technology will help efficiency and identify new business opportunities.

The Usage of the Internet of Things

It is not only Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning that dominated factory technology this year, but also the usage of the Internet of Things (IoT) in all product lines. This year the work in the factory will be enlivened by the existence of machines with operating systems that have a graphical interface that can be configured to the control panel and mobile devices.

Even the IoT service providers are aggressively making some preparations for the latest generation of products to meet the needs of companies as producers which are also increasing. This is reinforced by the emergence of 5G technology that has a speed above the average.

The Application of Blockchain

Finally, technology increasingly dominates various lines in the production process, namely Blockchain. This term actually refers to the scope of Cryptocurrency which was popular in previous years. Blockchain technology plays a role in various areas of management, tracking, and transaction reporting in the supply chain.

By having a more transparent history display, producers will be able to see every part of the supply chain in a timely manner so that if a problem occurs it can be anticipated immediately.

So, how do you apply the entire factory technology above? The role of a production site, warehouse, and logistics service provider greatly affects this. One of the leading industrial estates in Indonesia that have implemented these five technologies is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

Reasonably, the concept offered by KNIC is indeed a world-class integrated industrial city so that it is able to present a classy infrastructure to support the success of a company in producing their best products.

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