5 Effective Steps to Manage Warehouse for Business

In the system of Supply Chain, availability of a warehouse that has good management plays an important role. What is the reason? Many companies often ignore this one so that it affects the company's business system.

For instance, when the warehouse inventory does not meet the sale, it will make a loss, either caused by a failed sale or too much inventory in the warehouse.

As the result, the importance of good warehouse management needs to be improved so that the products offered by the company can reach consumers in prime condition. Therefore, what is the best way to manage warehouses for business? Here are 5 effective steps that can be applied to improve a company system:

Collecting Complete Data

The first thing to do is to collect a full data. It is needed as the inventory of these items is very much needed before starting to put the product in the warehouse. In addition to tidying up the product, this step will help the company to find the items needed so that the distribution process can run effectively.

Conducting Product Encoding

Second, the company should separate each item according to the type and category of each product. Coding for each product will help the search process when it has been distributed. The existence of these codes is useful for managing products in the warehouse.

Applying the ABC Concept

Are you still confused in determining the distribution of goods categories? There is nothing wrong if the company tries to apply the ABC concept where ‘A’ means high-value products but the sales level is low, ‘B’ is for medium value but the sales level is high, and ‘C’ is for low value but the sales level is high.

Estimating the Products

In an industrial manufacturing business, there is a term called ‘Forecasting’ or making estimates of products. For an effective warehouse management, this capability is needed so that the company can estimate the amount of stock available.

For instance, if last month the company sold the same 100 items, then the following month the company would sell the same 100 items. Therefore, make sure the item with that amount is available in the warehouse so that it can be directly distributed.

Checking Product Periodically

The last step that should be done in warehouse management is to actively check products in the regular basis. Through this way, the existing products will remain in good condition, non-expired, defective, mass-produced, etc.

Well, those are a few effective steps to manage warehouses so that products are stored neatly and effectively. One industrial area that has a variety of warehouses with a good management system in Indonesia is in the West Java industrial area, precisely in Karawang New Industry City (KNIC).

KNIC is located in a strategic location close to 2 airports not far from the capital city. It also makes this area strategic and suitable for building businesses both manufacturing and warehouse companies.

The availability of an efficient warehouse and being able to save products properly must be owned by every manufacturing and warehouse company offered by KNIC. Basically, KNIC itself is a world-class integrated industrial city so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is clearly seen in this place.

On top of that, the appearance of KNIC is not only to support the performance of a manufacturing company but also to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a multiplier effect. These are useful for socio-economic developments in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

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