Ways to Improve Productivity in Warehouse Operation

Maximize your productivity in warehouse operation is not an easy task. This is not only the warehouse manager’s responsibility, but all company’s component should be involved from warehouse staff, warehouse manager, and even the company itself. improving the productivity of warehouse operations not only give benefits to the company by increasing its production, but it also improves the customer’s satisfactory caused by a faster delivery service. Listed down below are several ways to improve productivity in warehouse operation:

Fully Utilize your Free Space

The first way you can do to improve productivity in warehouse operations is to utilized your free space effectively. Instead of renovating, by expanding your warehouse space or moving to a bigger place, you can maximize free spaces in your warehouse. There are several things you can do like shortening the space between one product to another product or create vertical inventory space.

You can make a shelf or storage area that is higher than the common storage so you can load more goods or raw materials. You can use various choices of shelves or storage based on the capacity of the height and width of the room. This can make it easier for you to manage items and utilize the free space in your warehouse.

Regular Basis Maintenance for your Warehouse Equipment

Another way to improve productivity in your warehouse operation is by doing regular basic maintenance for your warehouse equipment. You can do periodic maintenance for your forklifts, truck and mechanical equipment. If one of that equipment is broken, it will make the flow of the supply chain in chaos, the result is the production process and delivery process will be delayed. Furthermore, the cost of repairing equipment that has been damaged or broken will be more expensive than the cost of maintaining it.

It is better to do regular basic maintenance to examine your equipment to be able to find out possible damage to your equipment and repair it before damage occurs.

Use WMS Technology

You can use the technology of warehouse management system (WMS) to improve your warehouse operations. Using advanced technology will make it easier for companies to manage the efficiency of the warehouse supply chain. The warehouse management system (WMS) technology could help to improve efficiency by choosing the best route for goods shipping lines.

Next, by using WMS technology, your company can check the delivery service process and can predict the possible problems, so you can overcome the supply chain problem before the problem occurs. The use of WMS accompanied by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can increase the accuracy of each transaction and reduce the possibility of errors.

Training for The Employee

Last but not least, improve productivity in warehouse operations could be done by executing the training for employees. Training and workshop for the employee are needed in order to implement the three methods above optimally. Companies can conduct training so that employees can perform well based on their qualifications.

The company should make sure to give proper training to a new employee before they start to work. If the new employee does not understand how to operate the machine, they can’t work well.

Those are four ways to improve productivity in warehouse operation.Beside the options above, you could also improve your productivity in warehouse operation by building a warehouse in a strategic location. One of the strategic location to build a warehouse is Karawang New Industry City.

Karawang New Industry City has a strategic location near the capital city of Jakarta and KNIC also has 6 national accesses such as Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java toll road, Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railways, Kertajati international airport, and Patimban Harbour that make KNIC the most strategic one to build industrial warehouses.

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