4 Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Manufacturing Plant

Relocating your factory to a new place is probably the last choice the company wants to do because moving activity can be very tiring and consumes many energies. However, if the company wants to extend its manufacturing plant, they still have to relocate their manufacturing plant.

The relocating process will run smoothly with the right strategy. The transition process is not easy and you have to think and choose the right strategy for your company to make your company’s performance can go back to normal in a short time. Here are four things you should consider before relocating your manufacturing plant:

Equipment Safety

Your company must pay attention to their equipment’s safety during the transfer process. When the relocating or transfer process occurs, there is a possibility your item will be damaged or you will lose your items. The managers have an important task to manage company property and client’s property safety during the relocation process. Then, the manager should know the item’s location after the transfer process.

The company can give tags, labels, barcode tags, RFID and NFC to their items so they can check and track company assets clearly. This activity is really important during and after the transfer process. Because after you give labels and tags, you can organize and check thousands item at once.

Planning and Installing a New Factory Layout

Setting a new layout for your factory will be a new problem for you. This will make you stress because you must build a layout from scratch. In order to prevent this, you can make the layout before transfer or relocating process. You can discuss with your team what needs to be done in the new location before the transfer process occurs.

Manufacturing company is a complex company and have many divisions. Each division has its own set of workflows that the company needs to consider, including the arrangement of physical workstations in new locations. The workstation functions to support the performance of the manufacturing company. Redesigning your facilities is an opportunity to comprehend the layout for each division in the new location.


Furthermore, you need to do double checking or re-checking at your new factory location. You can use careful tool calibration and good operator to get the maximum result. After the transfer process has finished, do not forget to do the testing and audit process. Make sure you work with a trusted technician to compile a list of protocols for testing or recalibration that must be done before your equipment is turned on again.

Some industries such as medical equipment, aerospace, and automotive parts manufacturing, require a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). This is a testing protocol carried out in the first production process to ensure whether production quality and control are still good or need to be reset.


Finally, the last thing that you need to do in the relocation process is the final review. You should discuss with your team leaders about the final review’s result, including what you find during testing and auditing.

Well, those are 4 processes that you need to consider before relocating your factory. The transfer process is indeed very tiring and time consuming, so make sure you choose a factory or manufacturing plant with a strategic location.

One of the strategic locations for warehouse and manufacturing plant is Karawang New Industry City area. As a strategic location for Karawang warehouse development, KNIC is equipped with several world-class infrastructures to support the performance of manufacturing companies.

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