4 Technologies that can Simplify your Warehouse Management

Nowadays, the development of technology keeps on growing. Almost every business sectors are using internet as the effect of IoT or Internet of Things. One of the business sectors that also uses this technology is industrial sector. The use of internet has a goal to enhance the factory’s performance.

There are few warehouse technologies to be implemented by manufacturing company in their warehouse. There are also several tools and technologies in order to improve or enhance their plant’s performance. Check out the full information below:

The first technology is Warehouse Management System. Although this system is not using a new technology, the warehouse management system has been upgraded with the internet, which means they have the access to see and track real time data, high visibility that allows the Warehouse Management System company to gather information quickly and can predict the result earlier.

With the transparency and the development of technology, it is expected to increase company productivity. One of the ways that you can use to introduce warehouse technology is by holding training and seminars for warehouse managers and staffs. Do not forget to provide the updated information and changes about the latest warehouse management system therefore the workers understand how to use the technology in the most effective way.


The next warehouse technology that you can use to enhance your company’s performance is the Robot Technology. You can use the robots to solve company’s problems and increase warehouse’s productivity. The robot usage in the factory surely will change the existing warehouse management. Therefore, you should prepare the special place to manage the robots and do not forget to train your staff how to use it.

Voice and Vision Censor

Voice and vision censor is one of best technologies to be implemented by a company. You might have heard this technology before, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. The implementation of this technology is the vision censored lamp that will be active or react whenever they sense someone in the area.

The lamps will switch on whenever they sense there is someone in that area and will automatically switch off whenever they see someone is leaving the warehouse area. Furthermore, you can use the voice censor technology to turn on/off the machine, lamps or air conditioner.

To maximize this technology, it is a good idea to conduct the training on how to use and maintain the technology to your manager and warehouse staff. The adjustment process is needed because the use of new technology takes time to comprehend.

Infrastructure Improvement

The technology on warehouse management has been developing so well these days, therefore, the company needs to provide better infrastructure. For example, the company needs to improve electrical power to support the new warehouse technology. The company also need to provide more Wi-Fi router and improve the internet speed to cover all area. If the internet speed is low, warehouse staff will find it difficult to reach servers and the usage of the new technology will not be optimal.

Those are 4 warehouse technologies that you can choose to increase your company’s performance. Then, there is one thing beside advanced technology that can increase your company’s performance which is the strategic location. One of the strategic location to build warehouse or to run manufacturing company is Karawang New Industry City.

KNIC located in strategic location near the airport, harbor and train station, making this Industry City the best option for manufacturing company.

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