Use of IoT Technology in improving  supply chain process

The development of the digital era has made almost all industries apply internet technology. The internet has changed all interactions from decision making, individuals interact, to how to process information. Almost all industries from the entertainment, food, and manufacturing industries have used internet technology to facilitate existing work and run a sustainable supply chain.

There are several ways to improve the supply chain or run a Sustainable Supply Chain using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, such as:

1. IoT Technology Encourages Sustainable Supply Chain

One of the ways to improve the supply chain process is by implementing sustainable supply chain using IoT technology. Furthermore, because more and more devices like smartphones and machines are internet technology based, some industries have started to be friendly with the "Internet of Things" ecosystem.

Furthermore, the use of IoT technology is very helpful for collecting data because systems that are connected to the internet will collect and process data easily. IoT technology in manufacturing can also help manage resources such as fossil fuels, water, and space effectively.

2. Using IoT Technology for Fuel Efficiency

The other way to implement a sustainable supply chain is by using IoT technology for fuel efficiency. The process of shipping goods is one of the biggest contributors to produce greenhouse gas emissions in the world. IoT technology makes it easier to find better shipping lines that will certainly save fuel.

Furthermore, IoT technology will also make it easier for drivers to see when the demand for goods is high and where to refuel. This will certainly save fuel usage at the time of delivery. Moreover, the company can also operate shipments without using a driver and can be arranged according to company requirements.

The vehicle will automatically choose a faster, less jammed line and the shortest distance that will save time and fuel when shipping.

3. IoT Technology Helps Manage City Infrastructure and Resources More Efficiently

When talking about sustainable supply chain, all aspects are involved, starting from the terrain that is passed to the infrastructure used. Having a city that is equipped with IoT technology will certainly facilitate the supply chain process.

One of the cities that has implemented a city planning program using internet technology is the city of Barcelona, Spain. The city is able to reduce the amount of energy used for lighting by 30 percent and is able to reduce water consumption by 600,000 liters per year. Furthermore, manufacturing companies can also utilize IoT technology to form a logistical framework to create a sustainable supply chain.Well, those are the 3 top ways to improve supply chain process and implement sustainable supply chain. If you want to reduce the production cost, you should look for strategic industrial location because it is close to transportation routes.

One of the industrial areas that have a strategic location is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). Located close to the capital city of Jakarta and has plenty of transportation access, make KNIC a suitable area for warehouse building and renting.

In addition, KNIC has 6 national infrastructure access such as the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, Trans Java lines, Jakarta-Bandung Railway, Kertajati International Airport, and Patimban port. KNIC is also supported by facilities such as premium electricity, natural gas, and fast internet connections to support the performance of manufacturing companies.

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